Measure Antique Hanging Wall Cupboards

The Macon County North Carolina Hanging Wall Cupboard


I found this cupboard in Macon County North Carolina in a home I was installing a new kitchen in. The owner said it was Circa 1700's and that's all she knew about it. I really like the cupboard and she gave me permission to measure it. The original looked to be just glued and nailed together so I show only butt joint joinery on the plans. It's a large cupboard measuring 40" tall x 26" wide x 11" deep. It has a rail under it to hang things on. 

The Turkey Gap 2 Door Wall Cupboard With Scrolled Shelf



Turkey Gap, located in the northeast Georgia Mountains, is one of those places a person can just kick back and rest your mind with a stunning view looking towards North Carolina. Down in the bottom of that gap is a small community made up mostly of retired folks, and this is where I found this cupboard we're calling the Turkey Gap. The owner said she purchased it from an antique dealer near Highlands, NC. It's definitely old, and is made out of Walnut.  What got my attention with the cupboard are the scrolled front shelves. It's a large cupboard measuring 37" high x 27" wide x 12" deep.